Men's Golf

Men’s Golf at Bargara Golf Club is thriving. Our male membership currently stands at over 400 members across all our membership categories and is growing constantly. This is a tremendous achievement by the Club and a credit to our Board, Match Committees and green staff who help make Bargara Golf Club one of the premier courses in the Wide Bay area.

Men’s Championships

A Grade Winner

Blake Perkins

B Grade Winner

Ryan Paul

C Grade Winner

Geoff Ebert

A Grade Runner Up

Mark Stables

B Grade Runner Up

Dennis Bowman

C Grade Runner Up

Wally Waugh

Wednesday Sporters

The Wednesday Sporters group have been active in Bargara Golf Club for over 50 years. Playing a 12-hole competition on Wednesday afternoons allow players to enjoy both the playing and social side to golf. Pictured here, with Bargara Golf Club Patron Graham Evans, are some of our regular members showing off their new Sporter’s shirts sponsored by The Hut Menswear and Richardson and Wrench (Bargara). New players are always welcome so if you want to enjoy a social 12 holes with a bit of a competitive edge please come along to the Clubhouse from 12PM onwards on a Wednesday afternoon.

Know The Rules – Part 2

As part of a new regular feature to introduce our members to the new rules taking effect on the 1st January 2019 we are going to test your knowledge with some commonly occurring events on the golf course which often lead to heated debates and discussion about what the correct action is. We have, to ensure all the information we post is correct, hired the help of one of our ladies who has recently become a fully qualified PGA Golf Rules Official. In part 2 we cover situations in bunkers, hazards and putting. So, how much do you know ?

Further down the page is a short video highlighting some of the upcoming changes, with answers to our questions now available.

Putting On The Green

You are in a bit of a hurry, the group behind you are waiting impatiently on the fairway. You decide to quickly take your putt but forget to take the flag out. The putt hits the flag as it goes in the hole. Do you ?

A. Pick up your ball and walk to the next tee with no issues.
B. Take a 2 shot penalty for hitting the flag while putting on the green and go to the next hole.
C. Remove the flag and re-hit the putt from the original ball position with a two shot penalty.
D. Remove the flag and re-hit the putt from the original ball position with no penalty.
E. It was a “Gimme” putt so it doesn’t matter.

A Ball In The Hazard

You have been a bit wayward yet again, it’s becoming a habit (maybe you need a lesson), and finished in an awkward spot. You are just in a lateral (red staked) hazard right against the hazard post. What do you do ?

A. Take a free drop in the hazard away from the offending hazard post.
B. Take a penalty drop within 2 club lengths of the point you entered the hazard no closer to the hole.
C. Play the ball as it lies and risk breaking your club.
D. Kick it out onto the fairway and hope no-one notices.
E. Remove the hazard post and then play your shot.

Plugged In The Bunker

You’ve hit a beautiful approach shot which unluckily has just caught the top of the green side bunker and plugged. That’s really bad luck. However, what are your options besides swearing at the Greenkeepers ?

A. Take a free drop in the bunker no closer to the hole.
B. Take an unplayable one shot penalty drop in the bunker within 2 club lengths no closer to the hole.
C. Take a penalty drop outside the bunker but no closer to the hole.
D. Play the ball as it lies.
E. Take a one shot penalty and drop and play from the place of your original shot.

Changes To Golf Rules 2019

The much publicized changes to the rules of golf will be introduced on January 1st 2019. Do you know them all ? From moving objects in bunkers, to putting on the green with the flagstick in to no penalty for a double hit, there are 30 changes altogether that you should familiarize yourself with. Here is a link to a video summarizing the most important ones. If you have any questions regarding the new rules please talk to our Golf Professional Phil Curd or a member of our Men’s Match Committee who obviously know them all off by heart !!

Know Your Rules Answers – Part 2

The answers to Part 2 of our Know Your Rules are here now. Fortunately my answer did match those of our Rules Guru!

  1. Currently B. will be changing to A. in 2019.
  2. Answers are B and C. There are other options available.
  3. Answers B,D and E. Please note you CANNOT just go back as far as you want in line with the flag until you are out of the bunker.

What’s In The Bag With Club Champion Blaike Perkins

Welcome to What’s In The Bag with our current Club Champion Blaike Perkins. After impressive form, top results in major junior events and a positive approach to the game, Blaike won the 2018 Titleist scholarship. Ever wondered what top golfers carry in their bag? Well, lets find out :

Driver: Callaway Epic
3 Wood: Titleist 917 F2
Driving iron: Titleist 718 TMB 3 iron
Irons: Titleist 718 CB 4-9
Wedges: Titleist SM7 47, 52, 56 and 60 degree
Putter: Scotty Cameron Futura 5W

Special Items: ball marker from Cairns Golf Club where Blaike won the U12 QLD school boys.
Favourite club 60 degree wedge.

Pro – Captain’s Challenge

This popular monthly event on our Men’s calendar has proven to be a huge success.Each month The Pro and Men’s Captain play a matchplay round against two male members.In February we took on Ben Ulcoq and John Archibald and after a very tight match they finally prevailed on the 17th green winning 2up.Our success story for the year so far happened in March when we defeated Mitch Bauer and Mitch Curd 1up. April was a very interesting match versus Ken Whan and Barry Hunt … you never know what to expect playing against Ken however somehow they prevailed 2 up. In May it was a match up against Ian Harvey and Brett Coleman where a number of close putts didn’t drop and Ian and Brett finally won the match on the 16th green. Our match in June is set down for 30th vs Andrew Scherer and Ken Silcox and The Pro and Captain are due for a change of luck and a win. There are far too many members walking around proudly showing off their shirts they have won. This event is so popular that we are full booked for the remainder of the year. It must be said that it is an enjoyable format to play as Matchplay games are few and far between these days and the fun playing against the golfing members makes each match worthwhile.

Men’s Competitions For 2018


Monthly Medals

BUSS Memorial Trophy (4th Feb, 11th Feb).

Patrons Day (4BBB 11th March).

Easter Cup (15th-16th April).

4BBB Championships (1st July, 8th July).

Foursomes Championships (16th July).

Club Championships (29th-30th July, 5th-6th August).

January     – Saturday 21st

February     – Saturday 26th

March     – Saturday 18th

April     – Saturday 22nd

May     – Saturday 20th

June     – Saturday 3rd

July     – Saturday 15th

August     – Saturday 12th

September     – Saturday 16th

October   –   Saturday 14th

November     – Saturday 18th

December     – Saturday 16th

Meet The Men’s Committee

The Men’s Match Committee meets on a monthly basis and currently consists of 6 members, with one vancany. The Committee is led by Men’s Captain Warren Jennings and is responsible for all aspects of Men’s Golf within Bargara Golf Club. If you have any questions or comments regarding Men’s golf please contact one of our Committee members.

Warren Jennings

Warren Jennings


Mitch Bauer

Mitch Bauer

(Vice Captain)

Dean Pickup

Dean Pickup

Dave Newbert

Dave Newbert

Andrew Scherer

Andrew Scherer

Mitch Curd

Mitch Curd

Fred Houlahan

Fred Houlahan

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