Bargara Ladies

Bargara Golf Club boasts a vibrant and active Ladies membership with a current membership of 150+ and growing constantly. Our annual Bargara Ladies Classic is one of the most popular golfing events in Queensland attracting 250+ players from all over Queensland and Australia. Our ladies have regular weekly competitions on Thursdays and Saturdays and also run a Bargara Belles group who play 9 holes on a Monday morning for learners and players new to the game.

 Foursomes Championships

The Foursomes Championships, a game that tests friendships, marriages and more importantly our ability to play shots from places on the course we have never been to before. There was even reports of a double air shot by one poor pairing. Some champagne will be drunk in the Marxsen household tonight after Raelee Marxsen and Joanie Milton claimed the Gross Championship by 8 shots from runners up Kasee Marxsen and Michelle Marsden. In the Nett the mother and daughter pairing of Janet and Jackie Beer (106.5) held off runners up new Captain Marg Taylor and smiling Wendy Sturwohld (who never forgets to put her lippy on for photos) to win the Nett Championship by less than 3 shots. Please don’t be too concerned about the photographs, our Ladies are not being attacked by a plant but our photographer had just been watching Day Of The Triffids 🙂 Well done to all who completed the 27 holes and were still on speaking terms with their partners.

Joanie Milton & Raelee Marxsen

Gross Winners (123)

Michelle Marsden & Kasee Marxsen

Gross Runners Up (131)

Janet Beer & Jackie Beer

Nett Winners (106.5)

Marg Taylor & Wendy Sturwohld

Nett Runners Up (109.25)

 Committee News (June 2019)

(Updated 10th June)

Following on from the recent unfortunate resignation of our Captain Kasee Marxsen, Marg Taylor will assume the Captaincy role through until the AGM, with Michelle Marsden appointed as Vice-Captain. The Ladies Committee are currently conducting a survey of all our female members, checking on the frequency of use of the Ladies’ webpage on the Club’s website. Committee member Christine Bloem commenced this survey today and will endeavour to capture as many members’ responses as possible. So, if you have any feedback regarding the Ladies webpage or want to participate in the survey please speak to Christine. The Ladies Match Committee is delighted to welcome Debra West and Colleen Atherton into our fold, replacing Jenny Turner who recently resigned for  personal reasons, and Kasee. Colleen and Debra bring a wealth of experience, Debra having previously served as Ladies’ Captain a few years ago. Welcome Colleen and Debra.

June Monthly Medal (Saturday)

The threat of rain meant a few fair weather golfers decided not to play in Saturday’s Monthly Medal. However, it didnt prevent 28 stalwart golfers from competing. With the help of a birdie on the 13th Joanie Milton won the coveted shirt with a Nett 72 in Div 1, beating Robyn Robinson by 1 – I bet you’re rueing that 8 on the 12th Robyn!! In Div 2 Allison Jackson raced round as usual recording an excellent Nett 68 to win her 2nd shirt by 5 shots from Amanda Elder. Putting Queen for the month was Del Hartfiel with 25 putts. Photos are action shots because my wife forgot to take photos of the winners 🙂 Come back Chris, all is forgiven.

Joanie Milton (Nett 72)

Div 1 Winner

Del Hartfiel (25)

Least Putts

Allison Jackson (Nett 68)

Div 2 Winner

 June Monthly Medal (Thursday)

Ros Savidge

Div 1 Winner (Nett 65)

Our 2 Monthly Medal winners are both continuing recent good form. In Division 1, after her B Grade Ladies Championship victory, Ros Savidge posted an excellent 65, including a birdie on the 14th, to win by 3 shots. In Division 2, Sunday’s Life Members winner, Julie Kourikoski smashed a Nett 69, with the help of a par on the 13th and despite a 9 on the 16th hole. Putting Queen for Thursday this month is Wendy Sturwohld with an impressively low 25 putts. Well done girls.

Julie Kourikoski

Div 2 Winner (Nett 69)

 Ladies Championships 2019 Round 4

Well it is all over for another year and we have 3 new Club Champions to celebrate. In A Grade Isabella Artcheua won by a massive 25 shots from Michelle Marsden. In B Grade Ros Savidge came from nowhere to pass the round 3 leaders and win by 5 from Robyn Edgar, with overnight leader Carolyn suffering from nerves. In C Grade it was all wrapped up after three rounds really with Leone “The Bullet” Collins easing home by 22 shots from Lady Pen. The Nett results were not quite as straight forward, and after some scores being adjusted due to administrative issues, there had to be changes to the winners announced at the Presentation. A Grade Nett winner was last year’s club champion Joanie Milton on 298 pipping Julie Burton by 2. In B Grade Jill Serra sneaked home by the narrowest of margins to edge out Sallie Wake by 1, both coming from behind to pass the overnight leaders. In C Grade Shirley Leacy, playing her first championships won with 310 from another championship debutant Julie Kuorikoski. Congratulations to all the ladies who played out the 4 rounds, that in itself it a great achievement. I bet you all cant wait for next year !!!! The Gross and Nett results are available here.

2019 Ladies Championships Final Results – Gross

2019 Ladies Championships Final Results – Nett

Isabella Artcheua

A Grade Champion 287 (77,74,74,78)

Ros Savidge

B Grade Champion 388 (100,98,99,91)

Leone Collins

C Grade Champion 425 (104,108,106,107)

Joan Milton

A Grade Nett Winner 298 (74,79,74,71)

Jill Serra

B Grade Nett Winner 297 (73,77,70,77)

Shirley Leacy

C Grade Nett Winner 310 (87,69,78,76)

Round 4 – The Stories Of The Day

If you get yourself in trouble by plugging in the face of a bunker then take a leaf out of Jill’s book and play a fantastic shot like this.

One of the shots of the day from Lady Pen. My money was on a duff into the bunker but you proved me wrong. I wont mention the 3-putt from 5 metres that followed 🙂

Here’s one for the record books, a photo of Isabella in the trees on the 13th hole!!! Perhaps she needs lessons from Leone “Bullet straight” Collins.

That is a beautiful swing Alison, if only we all had a brother-in-law who was a golf professional 🙂

Quick girls get a move on, we better run to the next tee before Pat sees us and nags us about slow play again.

Oh dear Margaret where did it all go wrong today? Well Carolyn, you’ve got to stop being such a nervous Nellie and look on the bright side.

No Marg is not trying to hide from the camera. She is playing a lovely bunker shot out of the trap on the 3rd hole. Our ladies really impressed out of the bunkers today.

A great chip over the bunker on the 8th hole Ros, that’s why you are B Grade Champ. An awful lot of players would have plonked that into the bunker.

Caught on camera, Julie’s only par of the day. A beautiful 10 metre tap-in par putt followed the tee shot and chip. Well done Julie.

Who said our girls do not know how to play bunker shots ? Julie shows the perfect splash shot to within a couple of metres of the flag on the 1st hole.

Your best drive of the day Sal and on the 1st too. It is a pity about the 9 shots it then took you to get in the hole. Still, it could only get better from there.

Oooops. I wish I could chip like Ros.

Ladies Competitions For 2019

CAPTAIN CONSISTENCY: Saturdays. To be played from 2nd February to 2nd November. To qualify a minimum of seven (7) rounds of stroke events to be played including the two (2) Saturdays of the Club Championships. The winner will be judged on the lowest average from the best six (6) nett scores.
ECLECTIC: Saturday and Thursday. Saturday to be played 2nd February to 16th November.Thursday to be played 7th February to 14th November.
MONTHLY MEDALS: Thursdays : 7th Feb, 7th Mar, 4th Apr, 2nd May, 6th June, 4th July, 1st Aug, 12th Sept, 3rd Oct, 31st Oct.
Saturdays : 2nd Feb, 2nd Mar, 6th Apr, 4th May, 8th June, 6th July, 3rd Aug, 14th Sept, 5th Oct, 2nd Nov.
MONTHLY MEDAL PLAYOFFS: Thursday – 14th November, Saturday – 16th November.

LADIES PATRONESS DAY: Thursday 14th March.
CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP: 3 Divisions (1st Rd. Sat. 18th May. 2nd Rd. Sun. 19th 3rd Rd. Sat 25th May 4th Rd. 26th May.
TURTLE CHALLENGE: 4B AGGREGATE: Played over two consecutive Thurs -1st Rd 20th June 2nd Rd. 27th June.
GQ BROACH: (Best 3 Count) Saturdays. 2nd Mar, 6th Apr, 4th May, 8th June, 6th July, 3rd Aug.
INTERNATIONAL BOWL: Weekends over 3 Rounds – 3rd June, 22nd June, 29th June.
LADIES OPEN DAY: Sunday 24th March

WOMENS’ 4BBB CHAMPIONSHIPS: 1st Rd.31st Aug, 2nd Rd. 7th Sep.
4BBB BEST BUDDY: Donated by Carmen Carter. Best Buddy is won by the best 3 scores played with different lady golfers during the year.

OVER ALL CONSISTENT PLAYER 2019: Thursday and Saturday ( 10 Best Nett Scores)
BEST PUTTER: (Count Putts on monthly Medal days)
GOBBLER: Each Game. All players to receive a mini chocolate. A gobbler is a ball chipped or putted from off the green into the hole. Each game the player will record the amount of Gobblers she has had in the Gobblers book which is in the ladies room.

Ladies Classic 2019

Nominations for the Ladies Classic 2019 will open on July 29th at 10AM. If you wish to relive last year’s event please click on the link below.

Ladies Golf News

Join The Belles

Want to learn to play golf? The Bargara Belles are for female beginners and learners and play 9 holes every Monday at 8AM. A friendly atmosphere to help you learn to play and enjoy golf. Players of all standards welcome.

Ladies Competition Winners 2018/2019

Medal Of Medals Winners (2018)

Division 1 : Carolyn Mason

Division 2 : Margaret King

Thursday Eclectic (2018)

Div 1 Pat McKewen

Div 2 Janine Smith

Weekend Eclectic (2018)

Div 1 Michelle Marsden

Div 2 Di Hunt

Club Champions (2019)

A Grade : Isabella Artcheua

B Grade :  Ros Savidge

C Grade :  Leone Collins

4BBB Stroke Championships (2018)

Winners : Joanie Milton & Margaret Zande

Runners Up : Michelle Marsden & Robyn Robinson

Gertrude McLeod (2018)

Div 1 Michelle Marsden

Div 2  Carolyn Mason

Div 3  Margaret King

Foursomes Championships (2019)

Winners : Raelee Marxsen & Joan Milton

Runners Up : Michelle Marsden & Kasee Marxsen

4Ball Turtle Challenge (2018)

Winners : Pat McKewen & Carolyn Mason

Runners Up : Jan Racine & Adrienne Tonkin

Consistent Player (2018)

Thursday : Di Collins

Saturday : Chris Renshaw

Most Improved Handicap (2018)

Allison Jackson

Captain Consistency (2018)

Joanie Milton

Most Gobblers Award (2018)

Sallie Wake

Least Putts (2018)

Kathy McDonnell

Best Buddy (2018)

Judy Grills

Meet Our Ladies Committee

Our Ladies Committee consists of 7 members and is lead by our Captain Marg Taylor, with our Patroness being Val Bazley. Their aims are to promote Ladies Golf within the Club, organise and administer Ladies Golf competitions and events and to encourage ladies within the community to play golf and enjoy our wonderful sport.

Marg Taylor
Marg Taylor


Michelle Marsden
Michelle Marsden

Vice Captain

Barb Studholme
Barb Studholme

Committee Member

Sallie Wake
Sallie Wake

Committee Member

Christine Bloem
Christine Bloem

Committee Member

Jan Thomas
Jan Thomas

Committee Member

Debra West
Debra West

Committee Member

Colleen Atherton
Colleen Atherton

Committee Member

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