Competition Results

Competition Results, including ball rundowns, pin and approach shots will appear here as soon as they become available. Our aim will be to have the results displayed within 24 hours maximum of the competition closing and hopefully sooner.

Tuesday’s Veteran’s Results

Date : 10th December


Comp: Stableford

Winners: Div 1: Dave Robinson 46 Pts: Div 2: Peter Wakefield 43 Pts c/b:
Div 3: Neil Tiernan 45 Pts

R/Up: Div 1: Bob Nicholls 45 Pts: Div 2: Rory Jackson 43 Pts:
Div 3: Kevin Matthews 43 Pts

Rundown: J Phillips 43, D Honeybul, L De George (BB), K Fourro, R Paul 42,
D McKewen, K Kroger, F Millar, D Smith, B Scanlon 41, M Anderson,
M Turner, R Hunter, I Johnson, O May, D Sommers 40 c/b

Approach 8th: K Kroger 1.00, S Miller (Pac/Har), Barry Rogers, D Smith 1.55

Approach 13th: R Allen .22, K Matthews, M Ramsay, B Phillip 2.24

Pro’s Pin 5th: K Kroger 1.05, R Allen, M Turner, M Anderson, S Martell 5.90

Pro’s Pin 14th: D Bowman 1.07, J Phillips, D Taylor, F Donnelly, G Bland 2.50


Winners: Div 1: Janine Smith 44 Pts: Div 2: Marion May 36 Pts c/b

Rundown: R Robinson 42, R Savidge 38, C Mason, G Ryan, S O’Keefe, M Roberts 36, B Beh, A Dillon, M Hall 35, C Atherton, S Dawson, A Donovan 34

Approach 3rd: A Dillon .81, B Fitzgerald, R Robinson, K Nicholls 4.00

Pro’s Approach 5th: R Robinson .11, G Ryan .31

Pro’s Pinshot No 14th: A Dillon 1.37, B Lipscombe, P McKewen 6.67

Thursday’s Results

Date : 5th December


Comp: Stableford

Winners: Div 1: Frank Millar 45 Pts: Div 2: Stan Martell 43 Pts:
Div 3: Kris Tollefsen 41 Pts

R/Up: Div 1: Ryan Paul 42 Pts c/b: Div 2: Geoff Irwin 42 Pts:
Div 3: John Wilson 38 Pts

Special Mentions: Kevin Matthews (Hole in One 5th Hole):
John Archibald – Eagle 15th: Dale O’Brien – Eagle 2nd:

Rundown: S Martell 43, R Brown, M Ramsay 42, K Whan, D Somers 39,
D Robinson, D Banks, Des Ryan, D Bowman, D Doukari 38, B Nicholls,
M Anderson 37 pts c/b

Approach 8th: D Bowman .98, D McKewen, S Wilkinson 2.47

Approach 13th: P Wheatley 1.18, R Paul, D Caflisch 1.58

Pro’s Pin 5th: K Matthews (Hole In One), R Brown, G Bland, T Goody, M Anderson 4.25

Pro’s Pin 14th: P Jamieson 1.73, D Robinson, D Banks, Des Ryan, F Millar,
A Butcher 5.31


Comp: Stableford

Winners: Div 1: Janine Smith 39 Pts: Div 2: Julie Blake 34 Pts

Rundown: E Archibald 38, J Faithfull 37, L Spruce 36, R Savidge 35, C Redshaw 34,
B Beh, J Beer, J Kuorikoski 33, C Bloem, S Dawson 32 c/b

Approach 3rd: L Spruce .84, C Redshaw 1.43

Pro’s Approach 5th: L Spruce .57, B Beh 2.16

Pro’s Pinshot No 14th: E Archibald 2.58, B Beh 6.70

Saturday’s Results

Date : 7th December


Comp: Stroke Monthly Medal Sponsored by East End Hotel

Winners: A Gr: Harry Burden 65: B1: Bryan Casey 65: B2: Kevin Williams 68:
C Gr: Erik Hobson 67

R/Up: A Gr: Mark Ramsay 69: B1: Ian Johnson 68: B2: Paul O’Neill 68:
C Gr: Steve Larsen 68

Best Gross: A Gr: Harry Burden 74: B1: Bryan Casey 77: B2: Kevin Williams 87 c/b:
C Gr: Steve Larsen 90

Eagle: Dean Pickup 6th:

Rundown: K Warburton, A Grant 68, M Lister, G Lewis 69, K Whan, G Sillars,
C Simpson, B Coleman 70, M Hansen, M Horswood, W Kleidon, P Stephenson,
N Curd, C Benn, B McLeod, R Paul 71, G Cahill 72 c/b

Pinshot 5th: B Coleman 3.21, S Shield, D Banks, W Jennings 5.65

Approach 10th: G Cahill .89, S List, L Williams, M Horswood 1.62

Pro’s Pin 3rd: H Burden 4.68, K Silcox 5.90

Pro’s Pin 14th: K Warburton 4.94, M Ramsay, D Brett, Des Ryan, L Williams,
C Benn, P Stephenson, D Bowman 16.10


Comp: Par

Winners: Div 1: Rose Lay +3: Div 2: Amanda Elder -1

Rundown: B Fitzgerald, R Edgar, C Algie, J Turner, A Donovan sq: S Reed -1.
J Faithfull. C Atherton, D Hunt, J Milton -2 c/b

Eagle: Julie Grills 2nd Congratulations

Approach 3rd: J Milton .38, A Donovan, M Marsden 1.11

Pro’s Approach 5th: C Algie .48, R Lay .50

Pro’s Pin 14th: R Picot .93, C Algie, M Marsden 5.67

Sunday’s Results

Date : 29th September

Comp: Club Bargara Challenge

Men: Overall Nett Winner: John Antrobus 67: Overall Nett R/Up: John Daly 70 c/b:
Overall Gross Winner: Peter Johnson 81 c/b

Ladies: Overall Nett Winner: Jenice Caflisch 67: Overall Nett R/Up: Ros Savidge 76:
Overall Gross Winner: Michelle Marsden 87

Men’s Pinshot 3rd: Warren Jennings 4.97: Ladies Approach 3rd: Robyn Edgar 1.22

Men’s Pin 5th: John Antrobus 7.08: Ladies Approach: Elaine Archibald 2.35

Men’s Pin 14th: Dale O’Brien 9.95: Ladies Approach: Allison Jackson .45

2019 Junior Carnival

Date : 17th March

Comp: Bargara Junior Carnival

GA Boys Div 1: Gross: Ethan Carlson (GC) 78: Nett: Jack Wooldridge (BB) 68 c/b:
Gross R/Up: Ben Duncombe (Bar) 79: Nett R/Up: Declan Corke (Glad) 68

Div 2: Gross: Braiden Taylor (HB) 82: Nett: Jhye deBeen (Bar) 67:
Gross R/Up: Joshua Taylor (Bar) 93: Nett R/Up: Travis Taylor (HB) 68

GA Girls: Gross: Lydia Shackell (HB) 80: Nett: Amara Burns (Bar) 67:
Gross R/Up: Jordan Ulcoq (Bar) 83 c/b: Nett R/Up: Evee Reeves (HB) 71

13 Hole Boys & Girls H/Cap 0-23: Gross: Chase Rendell (HB) 74:
Nett: Zane Stowers (HB) 44: Gross R/Up: Daniel Holiday (HB) 78:
9 Hole – Boys 24 -36: Gross: Henri Clegg (Bar) 60: Nett: Michael Richardson (BB)
33: Gross R/Up: Joshua Kelly (Bar) 62: Nett R/Up: Isaac Bolderrow-Strange (MB) 37 c/b

9 Hole Girls 24-45: Gross: Linzi McBean (Glad) 60: Nett: Natalie Moffatt (HB) 34:
Gross R/Up: Emily Rodda (Glad) 67

6 Hole Boys: 150 Mtr: Gross: Oakley Hall (HB) 29: Nett: William Pohlner (Bar) 20:
Gross R/Up: Sacha Panch (Bar) 30 c/b: Nett R/Up: Taj Peek (HB) 21
6 Hole Girls-150 Mtr: Gross: Lily Fraser (MB) 32: Nett: Aaliyah Ilander (BB) 21:

3 Hole Boys & Girls: 150 Mtr: Gross: Ryan Fenton (Glad) 22:
Girls Nett: Malikah Norman (HB) 9:Gross R/Up: Rebekah Mizzi (HB) 22:
Nett R/Up: Shylah Shingles (HB) 10

Pin/Approach Shots: Hole 14: Div 1 Boys: Pinshot: Cruz Warner 5.90: Div 2 Boys: Approach: Coben Simpson 1.35: 18 Hole Boys Approach 4th: Ethan Carlson 1.28:
13 Hole Boys Approach 13th: Daniel Holliday 10.30: Approach 3rd shot: Girls 9 Holes: Linzi McBean 5.25: 6 Holes Boys 3rd shot 3rd Hole: Oakley Hall 2.56:
6 Hole Girls 3rd Shot 3rd Hole: Lily Fraser .30: Putting Comp: Boys: Taj Peek 10 c/b: Girls: Phoebe Moffat 10 c/b

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