Competition Results

Competition Results, including ball rundowns, pin and approach shots will appear here as soon as they become available. Our aim will be to have the results displayed within 24 hours maximum of the competition closing and hopefully sooner.

Tuesday’s Veteran’s Results

Date : 21st January


Comp: Stroke Monthly Medal Sponsored by Carlyle Gardens Retirement Village

Ladies: Div 1: Pat McKewen 71 c/b: Div 2: Trudie Lawes 69: Div 3: Julie Blake 68

R/Up: Div 1: Julie Burton 71: Div 2: Dawn Clements 76: Div 3: Sallie Wake 73

Gross: Div 1: Julie Burton 83: Div 2: Trudie Lawes 96: Div 3: Sallie Wake 101

Rundown: S Spaar 73, J Holmes, C Mason, S Waddell 74, A Donovan 76 c/b

Approach 3rd: Sponsored by RSL: Div 1: P McKewen .19: Div 2: S Wake 1.05

Approach 13th: Sponsored by Wide Bay Burnett Pest Management:
Div 1: P McKewen .86: Div 2: T Lawes .10

Pro’s Approach 5th: S Waddell .64, E Kerr, J Blake, J Burton, D Clements 3.42

Pro’s Pinshot 14th: A Jackson 11.02, F Taylor, S Spaar 15.99

Men: Div 1: John Antrobus 63: Div 2: Larry Lipscombe 64: Div 3: Don Smith 66: Div 4: Allan Kerr 67

R/Up: Div 1: Ash Butcher (Yamba) 71: Div 2: Bob Waddell 67: Div 3: Robin Lerch 70 c/b: Div 4: Michael Dwyer 70 c/b

Gross: Div 1: John Antrobus 76: Div 2: Larry Lipscombe 82: Div 3: Don Smith 87:
Div 4: Allan Kerr 93

Rundown: D Williamson , P Bianchi 68, D Taylor, M Anderson, B Inglis 70, B Head, K Tollefsen, A Butcher (Yamba), Barry Rogers, L Cremin, M Cherry, N McNamara 71, Des Ryan, S Martell, D Hunter, C Wake 72

Pinshot 3rd: Sponsored by RSL: Div 1: P Bianchi 8.50: Div 2: Nil

Approach 13th: Sponsored by Wide Bay Burnett Pest Management:
Div 1: D Somers 1.77: Div 2: Nil

Pro’s Pin 5th: D Smith 2.55, S Martell, N McNamara, M Anderson, K Kroger 7.96

Pro’s Pin 14th: J Antrobus 2.97, M Donovan, R Shipp, M Turner, B Waddell,
K Kroger, L Lipscombe 15.82

Thursday’s Results

Date : 23rd January


Comp: 2 Person Ambrose

Winners: Ken Whan/ Ken Kirk 60: R/Up: Wayne Adcock/ John Elphinstone 60 ¾:

2nd R/Up: Dennis Bowman/ Stephen Jameson 61

Rundown: W Dunkley/ P Jamieson 63, R Stratton/M Horswood 63 ¼:
D McKewen/ B Tree, J McLaughlan/ R Brown 63 ½: N Rasmussen/ G Campbell (2288), C Benn/ K William 63 ¾: S A Dunphy/ R Weekes 64,
B Waddell/ K Tollefsen, J Albion/ J Archibald 64 ¼, B Philip/ R Royle 64 ¾:

Pro’s Pin 5th: J Archibald 2.29, D Faithfull, D Doukari, B Phillip, G Campbell (2288) 8.53

Pro’s Pin 14th: K Kroger 2.36, K Whan, B Taberer, D McKewen, J Antrobus 6.16



Comp: 2 Person Ambrose

Winners: Janine Smith/ Shirley Leacy 68 3/4

Rundown: W Sturwohld/ P McKewen 69: J Brown/ B Fitzgerald 59 ¾: B Lipscombe/ Janet Beer, J Williams/ S Waddell 70: B Studholme/ B Scherer 70 ½:
C Mason/ J Blake 71 ½: M Taylor/ B Beh 71 ¾: K Nicholls/ C Algie 72

Approach 3rd: S Leacy .15, J Smith, J Brown, C Mason, C Algie .99

Pro’s Approach 5th: J Blake .28, B Lipscombe, J Faithfull, Janet Beer .86

Pro’s Pinshot No 14th: S Waddell 1.99, B Fitzgerald, M Taylor, A Jackson 18.11

Saturday’s Results

Date :25th January


Comp 4BBB Stableford

Winners: David Pak-Poy/John Daley 53 Pts:

R/Up: Bruce Tree/ Ken Whan 51 Pts

Eagle: Warren Kleidon 13th Hole – Golden Circle won by Conan Moras

Rundown: D Botha/ W Dunkley, C Moras/ T Whaleboat 50,
G Klinstrom/ L Williams, B Coleman/ I Harvey, M Anderson/ S Flanagan 49,
P Marschall/G Barlow, B Taberer/A Butcher, K Matthews/ J McLaughlan 48,
P De Been/ S Jameson/ B Duncombe/ D Berger, M Hansen/ M Lister 47

Pinshot 5th: B Casey 1.25, L Bowman, C Wake, J Sajko 2.52

Approach 10th: J McLaughlan .91, H Burden. G Barlow, G McLeod 2.79

Pro’s Pin 3rd: B Duncombe .68, L Bowman, B Taberer, H Burden 1.86

Pro’s Pin 14th: C Moras .94, K Nelson, N Rogers, A Bainbridge 3.15


Comp: 4BBB Stableford

Winners: Janet Beer/ Alex Donovan 45 Pts

Rundown: S Waddell/ J Caflisch, F Taylor/ J Thomas 44, J Milton/ K Nelson 43,
R Lay/ D Hunt 42, S Spaar/ J McLaughlan, C Tholstrup/ J Burton 41,
K Nicholls/ P McKewen 40 c/b

Approach 3rd: J Milton .20, B Fitzgerald, P McKewen 1,05

SolarHart: M Taylor & J Milton

Pro’s Approach 5th: R Edgar .04, M Marsden, C Tholstrup, J Burton, R Picot 2.47

Pro’s Pin 14th: J Caflisch 3.57

Sunday’s Results

Date : 12th January

Comp: Opening Day Mixed 4BBB Stableford: Men Overflow: Stableford

Mixed Winners: Ben Ulcoq/ Jordan Ulcoq 48 Pts: 1st R/Up: Ross Hunter/ Judy Grills 47 Pts c/b: 2nd R/Up: Mark Osborn/ Joan Milton 47 Pts: 3rd R/Up: Michael Anderson/ Fiona Weeks 46 Pts c/b

Rundown: K Whan/ M Marsden 46, D Taylor/ R Lay, S Flanagan/ G Ryan 45 Pts,
S Jameson/ B Ulcoq 44 c/b

Overflow Winner: Ryan Paul 42 Pts

Pinshot 5th: Ladies: M King 4.28, Janine Smith 4.85: Men: B Ulcoq 1.55:
Men: B Ulcoq 1.55

Approach 13th: Ladies: R Edgar 1.30, J Ulcoq, D Hunt, C Mason 12.93:
Men: R Paul .82, M Paul, B Ulcoq, K Whan 3.27

Pro’s Pin 3rd: Men: B Ulcoq .38, S Kuorikoski, W Jennings 9.35:
Pro’s Ladies Approach 3rd: E Cook .05, F Weeks, C Algie, P McKewen .75

Pro’s Pin 14th: Men: J Archibald 3.15, R Rehbein, B Cook, D Taylor, C Blake 7.48
Ladies: W McNamara 4.85, J Grills, J Milton, R Warren, D West 9.21

2019 Junior Carnival

Date : 17th March

Comp: Bargara Junior Carnival

GA Boys Div 1: Gross: Ethan Carlson (GC) 78: Nett: Jack Wooldridge (BB) 68 c/b:
Gross R/Up: Ben Duncombe (Bar) 79: Nett R/Up: Declan Corke (Glad) 68

Div 2: Gross: Braiden Taylor (HB) 82: Nett: Jhye deBeen (Bar) 67:
Gross R/Up: Joshua Taylor (Bar) 93: Nett R/Up: Travis Taylor (HB) 68

GA Girls: Gross: Lydia Shackell (HB) 80: Nett: Amara Burns (Bar) 67:
Gross R/Up: Jordan Ulcoq (Bar) 83 c/b: Nett R/Up: Evee Reeves (HB) 71

13 Hole Boys & Girls H/Cap 0-23: Gross: Chase Rendell (HB) 74:
Nett: Zane Stowers (HB) 44: Gross R/Up: Daniel Holiday (HB) 78:
9 Hole – Boys 24 -36: Gross: Henri Clegg (Bar) 60: Nett: Michael Richardson (BB)
33: Gross R/Up: Joshua Kelly (Bar) 62: Nett R/Up: Isaac Bolderrow-Strange (MB) 37 c/b

9 Hole Girls 24-45: Gross: Linzi McBean (Glad) 60: Nett: Natalie Moffatt (HB) 34:
Gross R/Up: Emily Rodda (Glad) 67

6 Hole Boys: 150 Mtr: Gross: Oakley Hall (HB) 29: Nett: William Pohlner (Bar) 20:
Gross R/Up: Sacha Panch (Bar) 30 c/b: Nett R/Up: Taj Peek (HB) 21
6 Hole Girls-150 Mtr: Gross: Lily Fraser (MB) 32: Nett: Aaliyah Ilander (BB) 21:

3 Hole Boys & Girls: 150 Mtr: Gross: Ryan Fenton (Glad) 22:
Girls Nett: Malikah Norman (HB) 9:Gross R/Up: Rebekah Mizzi (HB) 22:
Nett R/Up: Shylah Shingles (HB) 10

Pin/Approach Shots: Hole 14: Div 1 Boys: Pinshot: Cruz Warner 5.90: Div 2 Boys: Approach: Coben Simpson 1.35: 18 Hole Boys Approach 4th: Ethan Carlson 1.28:
13 Hole Boys Approach 13th: Daniel Holliday 10.30: Approach 3rd shot: Girls 9 Holes: Linzi McBean 5.25: 6 Holes Boys 3rd shot 3rd Hole: Oakley Hall 2.56:
6 Hole Girls 3rd Shot 3rd Hole: Lily Fraser .30: Putting Comp: Boys: Taj Peek 10 c/b: Girls: Phoebe Moffat 10 c/b

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