Competition Results

Competition Results, including ball rundowns, pin and approach shots will appear here as soon as they become available. Our aim will be to have the results displayed within 24 hours maximum of the competition closing and hopefully sooner.

Tuesday’s Veterans Results

Date : 21st June, 2022

Tues: 21st June, 2022 Comp: Split 6 Stableford

Ladies: Carolyn Mason, Barbara Charters, Madeline Bragg, Pat McKewen 82


Rundown: Christine Banks, Fiona Weeks, Leanne Spruce, Jessica Williams 80, Janet Beer, Fran Taylor, Pauline Wilson, Jennifer Finch 79, Barb Brabon, Wendy Ricketts, Jo Oxer, Shirley Flanagan 79, Robyn Warren, Geraldine Collins, Julie Brown, Sallie Wake 77

Approach 3rd: Leanne Spruce, Ann Johnson

Approach 13th: Kathy Nelson, Jo Oxer

Pro’s Approach 5th: Jenny Hampson .33, Kaye Nicholls .86, Ann Johnson .97, Kathy Nelson 3.20

Pro’s Approach 14th: Jenny Tooth In the Hole, Margaret King .40, Elaine Kerr .89, Julie Kuorikoski .89


Men: Frank Millar, Christopher Hale, Graeme Mogridge, Peter Stephenson 85


Rundown: Keith Atkins, Owen May, Bob Philip, Dave Honeybul 82, Scott Beyer, Geoffrey Barlow, Peter Marschall, John See 82, Malcolm Santer, Brett Morris, Paul O’Neill, Ross Hunter 80, Noel McNamara, Bob Warren, Kevin Matthews, Dennis Gaylard 80, Greg Cahill, Alan Chappell, Ian Bloem, Michael Brett 80, Stephen Jameson, Dennis Bowman, John Antrobus, Mark Ramsay 80, John Sajko, Mike Donnelly, Rainer Kayra, Warner Banks 79, Graham Kelleher, Steve Dummett, Stuart Finlen, Tony Morgans 78

Pin Shot 3rd: Peter Marschall, Dennis Gaylard

Approach 13th: Don McKewen, Paul Nosworthy

Pro’s Pin 5th : Malcolm Turner 1.05, Dave Ryan 1.98, Rob Whitford 2.20, G. Scott 2.33, Dave Honeybul 2.85, Mike Donnelly 3.39, Dennis Somers 3.44

Pro’s Pin 14th: Bill Forrester 4.52, Stephen Jameson 4.80, Neville Frame 6.37, Brian Drinkwater 7.20, Des Fraser 7.92, Greg Cahill 8.72, Peter McGreggor 9.64

Eagle: Scott Beyer

Thursday’s Results 


Date : 23rd June, 2022



Thurs: 23rd June, 2022 Comp: Stableford

Winners: Div 1: Stephen Jameson 40pts

               Div 2: John Antrobus 38pts c/b

               Div 3: Glenn Hoffmann 33pts c/b

               Div 4: Gary Le Bherz 39pts


Rundown: Shay Kuchtin 38pts, Peter Hoffmann 38pts, Ian Burton 37pts, Richard Berry 36pts, Bob Nicholls 36pts, Alan Chappell 35pts, Mark Kirchner 35pts, Ian Bloom 35pts, Dennis Bowman 35pts, Joshua Phillips 35pts, Phillip Harrison 35pts, Des Ryan 34pts, Michael Anderson 34pts, Denis O’Brien 34pts, Bill Taylor 34pts, Fahim Hilmi (Keperra Country GC) 33pts, Michael Tooth 33pts, Mark Ramsay 33pts, Robert Allan 33pts, George Moar 33pts, Todd Chapman 33pts, Scott Wilkinson 33pts, Steve Merritt 32pts, Brendan Baker 32pts, David King 32pts, Ross Hunter 32pts, Gary Hack 32pts, Bill Lawless 32pts, Bob Warren 32 pts, Ross McNeilly 32pts, Tom Bradbury 32pts, Dave Bunyoung 32pts, Michael Harvey 32pts, Geoffrey Barlow 32pts, Brian Drinkwater 32pts, John Trude 31pts, Bruce Tree 31pts, Antony Robertson (Keperra Country GC) 31pts, Wayne Adcock 31pts, Ray Sharp 31pts, Dave Ryan 31pts, Robert Weber (Victor Harbour GC) 31pts, Ethan Lenh (Oxley GC) 31pts, David Caflisch 31pts, Donald Gordon 31pts, Ken Whan 31pts c/b

Approach 8th: Jack Jones (Keperra Country GC) .47, George Moar .65, Geoff Barlow .77, Dennis Bowman .89

Approach 13th: Stephen Jameson .17, Ian Burton .55, Colin Gall .92, Fahim Hilmi (Keperra Country GC) 1.93

Pro’s Pin 5th: Shay Kuchtin 1.47, Michael Rubie 1.71, Scott Beyer 2.56, Glenn Hoffmann 2.58, Todd Chapman 2.98

Pro’s Pin 14th: Stephen Jameson 1.33, Ian Whiteley 2.07, Tom Robertson 2.54, Gary Le Bherz 3.30, Driss Doukari 3.45


Thurs: 23rd June, 2022 Comp: 4BBB Stableford Aggregate TURTLE CHALLENGE

Winners: Barbara Studholme & Di Collins 68



Rundown: Barbara Goody & Di Collins 66, Babs Beh & Shirley Leacy 64, Sallie Wake & Marg Taylor 58, Shirley Flanagan & Julie Brown 58, Wendy Sturwohld & Christine Banks 57, Debra West & Bernadette Fitzgerald 57, Pat McKewen & Lorraine Worrall 56

Approach 3rd: Div 1: Marg Taylor .39, Pat McKewen .87, Wendy Sturwohld 2.89, Leanne Spruce 2.99 Div 2: Sue Bauer 1.47, Madeline Bragg 1.80, Donna Pett 1.85, Sheryl Hocking 2.53, Marion May 2.53, Sallie Wake 5.73, Shirley Leacy 6.19

Pro’s Approach 5th: Div 1: Julie Brown In the Hole, Pat McKewen .40 Div 2: Jay Wilkinson .88, Sallie Wake 2.01, Babs Beh 2.24

Pro’s Approach No 14th: Div 1: Leanne Spruce .34, Wendy Sturwohld .81 Div 2: Shirley Leacy .74, Meg Wharley 1.13, Fiona Weeks 1.30

TURTLE CHALLENGE WINNERS: Debra West & Bernadette Fitzgerald 131

RUNNER UP’S: Barbara Studholme & Di Collins 130

Saturday’s Results

Date : 25th June, 2022


Sat: 25th June, 2022 Comp: Stableford



A Grade: Mark Ramsay 38pts

B1 Grade: Donald Gordon 38pts

B2 Grade: Jim McLaughlan 41pts

C Grade: Brian Scanlon 37pts c/b


Rundown: Brett Coleman 39pts, Paul Nosworthy 37pts, Peter Stephenson 37pts, John Elphinstone 37pts, Robert Rehbein 37pts, Jack Van Haren 36pts, John Trude 36pts, Stan Martell 36pts, Paul Wheatley 36pts, Brandon Harvey 35pts, Neil Paige 35pts, Ian White 35pts, Michael Betts (Bundaberg) 35pts, Stephen List 35pts, Anthony Dunphy 35pts, Specs Bainbridge 35pts, Mal Elder 35pts, Dave Ryan 35pts, Lance Williams 34pts, Michael Randall 34pts, Michael Anderson 34pts, Bruce Tree 34pts, Stephen Larsen 34pts, Anthony Keleher 34pts, Alan Chappell 34pts, Stephen Jameson 34pts, Chris McNamara 34pts, Gregory Lewis 33pts, Craig Marriott 33pts, Rod Kruger 33pts, Michael Rubie (Wantima) 33pts, Gary Hack 33pts, Bob Nicholls 33pts, Matthew Doolan 33pts, Glenn Hoffmann 33pts, Bob Warren 33pts, Marcus Lister 33pts, Mike Donnelly 32pts, Frank Millar 32pts, Mark Stables 32pts, Wayne Adcock 32pts, Iain Sinclair 32pts, Peter Murray 32pts, Brett Wyatt 32pts, Robert Weber (Victor Harbour) 32pts, Denis O’Brien 32pts, Phillip Harrison 32pts, Todd Chapman 32pts, Peter Johnson 32pts, Phillip Proctor 32pts, Greg Cahill 31pts c/b


Pinshot 5th: Damien Brett 2.54, Scott Wilkinson 6.25, Ash Butcher 6.45, Michael Rubie (Wantima) 7.21

Approach 10th: Mark Ramsay .27, Rod Kruger 1.56, Graham Proctor 2.15, Specs Bainbridge 3.07

Pro’s Pin 3rd: Greg Lewis 2.78, Gordon Symons 3.47, Robert Rehbein 3.98, Mark Stables 4.54, Peter Johnson 5.37

Pro’s Pin 14th: Andrew Scherer 2.93, Michael Randall 4.07, Ian Bloom 4.85, Peter Johnson 5.36, Robert Weber (Victor Harbour) 8.25


Lucky Card Draw for Solarhart as it finished on the 25th June 2022.

Stephen Larsen, Mal Elder, Alan Forster, Bob Nicholls, Craig Fritz, Peter Marschall

$10.00 into each of these accounts


Sat: 25th June, 2022 Comp: Stableford

Winner: Div 1: Margaret King 38pts

              Div 2: Del Hartfiel 35pts


Rundown: Joan Milton 33pts, Michelle Marsden 33pts, Jenice Caflisch 32pts, Joy Faithfull 32pts, Bernadette Fitzgerald 31pts, Kathy Nosworthy 31pts, Julie Burton 31pts, Jay Wilkinson 30pts, Kathy Nelson 30pts c/b

Approach 3rd: Div 1: Julie Burton .32, Michelle Marsden .62, Joan Milton 2.42, Kathy Nelson 2.64

 Div 2: Kathy Nosworthy 1.00, Joy Faithfull 1.71, Robyn Warren 1.75, Sallie Wake 6.08

Pro’s Approach 5th: Div 1: Michelle Marsden 1.54, Kathy Nelson 9.16 Div 2: Marg King 2.70, Kathy Nosworthy 2.85, Jay Wilkinson 5.74

Pro’s Pin 14th: Jay Wilkinson 15.23



Gross Winners: Peter Johnson & Michelle Marsden 114

Gross Runner Up: Neale & Alison Curd 139

Nett Winners: Michael Anderson & Shirley Leacy 113.25

Nett Runner Up: Don & Pat McKewen 114.50

Rundown: Peter Johnson & Michelle Marsden 104nett, Michael & Donna Pett 118.25, Dave Taylor & Leanne Spruce 118.25, Steve Dummett & Babs Beh 118.50, Brian Drinkwater & Jan Thomas 119

Pro’s Pin 3rd Hole: Men: Peter Johnson 4.67 Ladies: No Winner

Pro’s Pin 5th Hole: Men : Larry Lipscombe 6.16 Ladies: Kathy Nelson 8.34

Approach Ladies 8th Hole: No Winner

Approach Men 13th Hole: Peter Johnson 5.48, Neale Curd 10.90

Sunday’s Results

2021 Bargara Juniors

Sunday 7th March


21st February 2021

Comp: Stroke:

Winners: Div 1A- 18 Holes: Nett:  Coben Simpson 73: Gross: Josh Taylor 88:

Div 1B: 13 Holes: Nett: Henri Clegg 50: Gross: Zander White 79:

Div 2 – 9 Holes: Nett: Bailey Pain 35: Gross: Jack Bigg 72:

Div 3A: 6 Holes Red: Nett: Cooper Pain 17: Gross: William Pohlner 53:

6 Holes: 150m: Nett: Sam Marland 12: Gross: Marnie Griffin: 32:

Div 3C- 3 Holes: Kate Johnson 10

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