Competition Results

Competition Results, including ball rundowns, pin and approach shots will appear here as soon as they become available. Our aim will be to have the results displayed within 24 hours maximum of the competition closing and hopefully sooner.

Monday’s Results

Date: 20th August

Winner: Brian Hart 27: 2nd: John Gardiner 29: 3rd: Ivan Robertson 31 c/b: 4th: Alan Parnell 31, Val Edwards 35 c/b: Bruce Gill 38:

Other scores: Pam Blair 38, John Whatley 37, Dave Kent 39

Next Comp: Mon 27th: Holes 1 to 9

Tuesday’s Veteran’s Results

Date : 21st August

Comp: Stroke Monthly Medal Sponsored by Carlyle Gardens Retirement Village

Ladies: Div 1: Michelle Marsden 69: R/Up: Debra West 71 c/b:
Div 2: Mary Price 71: R/Up: Carmen Carter 72:
Div 3: Ann Johnson 75: R/Up: Christine de Martin 75 c/b

Gross: Div 1: M Marsden 79: Div 2: Mary Price 99 c/b: Div 3: Leone Collins 105

Rundown: A McHardy (NZ), J Burton 71, S Flanagan 72, M King, M Wharley,R Homans (H/L) 75, V Manning, W Ricketts, J Serra 76

Approach No 3: Sponsored by RSL: Div 1: A McHardy .28: Div 2: L Worrall 1.64
Approach No 13 Sponsored by Wide Bay Burnett Pest Management: Div 1: D Mahlstedt .90; Div 2: M Price .70
Pro’s Approach No 5: M Marsden .17, J Oxer, A McHardy, C Carter, L Collins .67
Pro’s Pinshot No 14: M King 2.92, B Potter, A Jackson, J Oxer , D West 8.66

Men: Div 1: Keith Kroger 69: R/Up: Barry Mahlstedt 68 (Vis) Div 2: David King 69:
R/Up: Gordon Warren (Drouin) 70 c/b: Div 3: Brian Head 69: R/Up: Jeff Chapple 70: Div 4: Adrian Serra 70: R/Up: William Cook (E/Glades) 70 c/b

Gross: Div 1: Keith Kroger 78: Div 2: David King 86: Div 3: Owen May 91: Div 4: William Cook 96
Rundown: I Johnson , D Bowman, R Austin 69, J Antrobus, Bob Warren, S List, O May, A Cooper 70, K Chiller (Warn), W Waugh, K Atkins, R L:erch, T Plant, D Jones 71, P Landon, A Worrall 73

Pinshot No 3: Sponsored by RSL: Div 1: D Bowman: Div 2: B Morris
Approach No 13: Sponsored by Wide Bay Burnett Pest Management: Div 1: A Worrall: Div 2: M Corcoran (Heid) 3.70
Pro’s Pin No 5: B Mahlstedt 1.51, G Wharley, J Costello, S List, D Jones, I Johnson, M Turner 4.18
Pro’s Pin No 14: A Cooper 2.65, G Warren (Vis), C Wake, R Harbert, S Flanagan, P Anderson, P Hoffmann 8.62

Wednesday’s Sporters Results

Date: 15th August

12 Hole Winner: Christian O’Neall 39: R/Up: Wayne Bauer 40
1st Six: Mick McCarthy 17; R/Up: Noel Ash 18
2nd Six: John See 20: R/Up: Greg Weekes 21

Gross: Paul Rogers 52: Birdies: Les Kuorikoski 2; Putts: Paul Rogers 14
Pinshot: Mark Grice 2.10, Damian O’Neall, Greg Weekes
Approach: John See 3.98, Greg McLeod, Mick McCarthy

Thursday’s Results

Date : 16th August

Comp: Stableford

Winners: Div 1: Bob Wilson (Yarra) 67: R/Up: Dave King 68 Div 2: Winton McColl (Heidel) 63: R/Up: Dave Taylor 68

Rundown: R Layt, K Norris (Yow), B Nicholls, B Mahlstedt, D Hunter, C Wake, A Serra, G Ezzy 70, T plant, P Skinner (Vir), P Harrison, P Jenner (Bris), M Ramsay, G Donald (Thurg), F Houlahan 71, B Clegg, W Waugh, P Medwin, A Worrall 72,
J Phillips, K Kroger, M Martin, K Drady 73, W Adcock, B Taylor 74 c/b

Approach No 8: K Whan .97, P Lovell, D Robinson, S Lindsay, D Smith, R Kruger, C Wake 9.21
Approach No 13: C Grimble (R/Bay)1.10, R Layt, W McColl, A Kerstan (Kew), B Taylor, K Whan, D King 4.70
Pro’s Pin No 5: G Coffey 2.76, A Kerstan, M Schweighofer, R Jackson, D Taylor, C Wake, B McLucas 7.69
Pro’s Pin No 14: K Norris 1.25, P Medwin, C Grimble, G Coffey, K Kroger, S Martell, W McColl, G Campbell 6.45


Comp: Stroke

Winners: Div 1: Shirley Flanagan 69: Div 2: Gayle Ryan 67

Rundown: M Wharley 71, L Collins 73, L Worrall, V Gray, D Collins, M Tatnell 75, C Atherton, E Kerr, J Serra, R Robinson 76, R Drill (R/Riv), K Nicholls 77, J Poppelock, B Charters, M Zande 78 c/b

Approach No 3: TBA
Pro’s Approach No 5: L Spruce .59, R Robinson, K Nicholls, D Mahlstedt 2.31
Pro’s Pinshot No 14: L Spruce, C Redshaw, E Kerr 7.74

Friday’s Chicken Run Results

Date: 17th August

Women: Julie Norris, A McHardy 20, P Evetts, Val Edwards 19, Jan Johnson 18, Maureen Hall 17

Men: Dennis Sussens 24, Dan Sinclair 22, Mike Hyland 21, Ken Norris, Alwyn Shaw 20, Steve Larsen, Davis Shaw, Peter Hughes, John Gardiner 19, Kel Drady, Ron Shipp, Geoff Pask 18 c/b

Next Comp: Fri 24th: Holes 10 to 18

Saturday’s Results

Date : 18th August


Comp: Stableford Guide Dogs Charity Day

Winners: A Gr: Jeremy Gorrie 37 Pts c/b: B Gr: Des Ryan 40 Pts c/b; C Gr: Steve Kuorikoski 39 Pts
Runners/Up: A Gr: Greg Cahill 37 Pts c/b: B Gr: Dave Caflisch 40 Pts c/b: C Gr: Paul Cuskelly 39 Pts

Rundown: I Harvey, J Phillips 40, B Tree, B McLucas, W Kleidon 39, K Krahe (Heid), C Hale 38, B Harvey (BB), D Somers, I Johnson, F Millar, P McGrath (Bright), I McCloskey 37, T Medwin (R/Bud), G Ezzy, K Warburton, L Kuorikoski, P Harrison, P Skinner (Vir), M Lister, D Smith 36, C Wake, L Corley, C Moras 35 c/b

Pinshot No 5: G Weekes 1.77, L Kuorikoski, M Grice, N Weir, B McLucas,J Gorrie, I Johnson 5.76
Approach No 10: D Ryan .86, D Bowman, J Gorrie, I McCloskey, D Wilkinson, P Landon, K Whan 13.34
Pro’s Pin No 3: D Somers 2.33, R Jackson, B McLucas, M Hansen, W Kleidon, M Lister 9.15
Pro’s Pin No 14: S Kuorikoski 1.81, B Atkinson, D Caflisch, B Nicholls, W Kleidon, G Ebert, P Wheatley, B Casey, L Corley, C Wake, B Harvey, J Archibald, A Klinstrom 11.11

Next Comp: Thurs 23rd: Stableford; Sat 25th: Stroke


Comp: Stableford – Guide Dogs Charity Day

Winners: Div 1: Michelle Marsden 40 Pts: R/Up: Del Hartfiel 37 Pts Div 2: Elaine Archibald 36 Pts: R/Up: Sally Doyle 36 Pts

Rundown: D Mahlstedt, J Burton 36, J Thomas, R Robinson, L Collins 35, J Grills, G Collins, W McNamara 33

Approach No 3: D Hartfiel .46, M Marsden, R Warren, B Fitzgerald, S Doyle .87
Pro’s Approach No 5: S Connell 5.37, D Mahlstedt, J Thomas 10.33
Pro’s Pin No 14: M Zande 5.59, K nelson, L Stephens, J Caflisch 10.03

Next Comp: Thurs 23rd: 4BBB Stableford; Sat 25th: Stroke Monthly Medal

Sunday’s Results (Juniors)

Date : 3rd June

Comp: Stroke Monthly Medal

Div 1: Nett: Lachlan Ulcoq 74, Gross: Jordan Ulcoq 88, Putts: Jordan Ulcoq, Pinshot: Tyler de Been
Div 2: Nett: Joel Brack 37, Gross: Dean Campbell 67, Putts: Joshua Kelly 14, Approach: Joel Brack 5.88
Div 2B 6H Red Tee: Nett Sacha Panch 14, Gross R/Up: Henri Clegg 46:
Putts: Henri Clegg 11, Approach: Sacha Panch 1.5
Div 3 6H 150 Mtr: Nett: Angus Elder 24, Gross: Owen Taylor 51
Putts: William Pohlner 16, Approach: Angus Elder 1.00
Div 3 3H 150 Mtr: Nett: Archie Halford 10, Nett R/Up: Sonny Halford 19
Putts: Sonny Halford 9 c/b, Approach: Archie Halford

Special Events Results

Date : 19th August Men’s Open Day And Buss Cup

Comp: Stroke

Open Champion: Brock Wooldridge (B/B) 73

Gross: A Gr: Clinton Dowling (Is) 74 c/b: B Gr: Harry Burden 77: C Gr: Ian Groszmann 94
Nett: A Gr: Mitch Bauer 70: B Gr: Geoff Loveday(B/B) 69: C Gr: Richard Mason 74

Gross R/Up: A Gr: Lachlan Hancock 74: B Gr: Greg Lewis 82: C Gr: Jon Limpus 101
Nett R/Up: A Gr: Marcus Merrill (Wantima) 71: B Gr: Steve List 69: C Gr: Steve New 78

Garnett Buss Cup: 4 Best Gross: (Bundaberg) Brock Wooldridge, Thomas Hall, Rob Hardie, Darren Anderson 301

Consolations: K Warburton, K Ackerman (BB), S Shirley (BB 70), R Hardie, S Martin 72, J Phillips, T Hall 73, P Easton, D Anderson 74, R Jackson, D Habermann, M Curd, 75, W Adcock, S Jameson, D Robinson, G Brandon (GG),W Jennings 76

Approaches: A Gr: D Anderson 1.64 B Gr: C Moras 1.81: C Gr: Not Won
Pro’s Pin 5th: B Wooldridge 1.44, S Martin, B Graham (L/Wood), M Merrell (Want), K Herrmann, 5.68
Pro’s Pin 14th: G Loveday 1.80, R Hardie, J Phillips, D Anderson, G Lewis 7.22

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