Competition Results

Competition Results, including ball rundowns, pin and approach shots will appear here as soon as they become available. Our aim will be to have the results displayed within 24 hours maximum of the competition closing and hopefully sooner.

Tuesday’s Veterans Results

Date : 20th April

Comp: Stroke

Winners: Women: Div 1: Marg Taylor 73 c/b: Div 2: Kaye Nicholls 72:
Div 3: Carol Christensen 72

2nd: Div 1: Ros Savidge 73: Div 2:: Janet McLaughlan 74 c/b: Div 3: Madeline Bragg 74

3rd: Div 1: Meg Wharley 74: Div 2: Robyn Edgar 74: Div 3: Marion May 77

Rundown: L Spruce, D West 75, J Oxer, B Fitzgerald, R Gillam-Chambers, J Wilkinson,
J Brown 76, K Nelson, F Taylor, M May 77, S Leacy, D Collins, M King 79, P McKewen,
B Studholme, W McNamara, W Sturwohld, D Clements, M Price, B Lipscombe, J Hampson 80

Men: Div 1: Bob Philip 66: Div 2:: John See 71 c/b: Div 3: Graham Scott 72:
Div 4: Greg Noble 68 c/b

2nd: Div 1: Dave Ryan 67: Div 2: Frank Millar 71: Div 3: Bill Taberer 74 c/b
Div 4: Geoff Loveday 68

3rd: Div 1: Peter Jameson 71 c/b: Div 2: Dale Perrins 73 c/b: Div 3: Bruce Rogers 75 c/b:
Div 4: Ross Chambers 70

Rundown: R Royle, B Morris 70, K Kroger 71, J Chapple 72, G Roberts , G Bland,
Jeff Phillips, M Haster (BB) , S List, G Craig, G Cahill, A Serra, D King 73,
K Williams, K Mathews, S Dummett, Des Ryan, D Somers74, H Clegg, G Wharley,
Pat Cuskelly, M Cherry, P O’Neill, L Lipscombe, M Anderson 75, A Chappell, O May,
D McKewen, K Atkins, J Wilson, M Turner, R Hunter, R Jackson, A Worrall, G Mogridge, L Glass 76, L Erle, G Lewis, Johnson, I Bloom, R Allen, A Mansfield 77

Thursday’s Results

Date : 15th April


Comp: Par

Winners: Div 1: Keith Kroger +4: Div 2: Peter Marschall +5:: Div 3: Stan Miller +4

2nd: Div 1: John Albion +2: Div 2: Kevin Williams +4c/b: Div 3: Geoff Campbell (2288) +3

3rd: Div 1: Gary Hack +1: Div 2: Gary Craig +4: Div 3: Laurie Erle +2 c/b

Rundown: R Sturwohld, R Fisher +2, R Jackson, I Witt, K Drady, P Jamieson, D Caflisch,
R Stratton +1, R Allan, P Landon, L Lipscombe, W Adcock, R Lerch, D Hunter, R Leslie,
D King, M Hounslow sq, C Baldwin, R McNeilly, B Taylor, D Somers, I Bloom, T Goody, M Turner, A Arnold, G Bland, B Durnford, M Horswood, A Serra -1, G Wharley, D Berger, F Millar, P Nosworthy, M Anderson, D Faithfull, B Nicholls, I Burton, W Jennings,
J Antrobus -2


Comp: Par

Winners: Div 1: Rose Lay (BB) +2: Div 2: Barbara Studholme +1:
Div 3: Kathy Nosworthy +2

2nd: Div 1: Wendy Ricketts sq c/b: Div 2: Joy Faithfull sq: Div 3: Chris Arnold +1

3rd: Div 1: Di Collins sq: Div 2: Brenda Lipscombe sq: Div 3: Pam Thompson sq

Rundown: D West, P McKewen -1, K Nicholls, J Brown -2, J Oxer, M King, B Beh, E Kerr,
B Fitzgerald, M Zande, G Ryan, W Sturwohld -3, R Edgar, B Goody, J Poppelock -4,
J Williams, M Wharley, A Jackson, V Manning, J Milton, M Philip -5


Saturday’s Results

Date : 17th April


Comp: 4BBB Stableford

Winners: Stan Lindsay/ Michael Buckholz 47 Pts : 2nd: Darcy Berger/ John Sajko 46 Pts c/b: 3rd: Greg McLeod/ Ron Wagner 46 c/b: 4th: Todd Chapman/ Josh Phillips 46 Pts:
5th: John Albion/ Morris Turner 45 Pts c/b: 6th: Kel Drady/ Brian Durnford 45 Pts c/b:
7th: Gavin Hales/ John See 45: 7th: Damian Botha/ Kelvin McIntosh 44 c/b

Rundown: G Cahill/ A Chappell, A Fryer/ M Fryer, J Elphinstone/ P Bowden,
L Bowman/ S Wilkinson, Ben Warren/ N Paige, N Weir/ A Dunphy, S Flanagan/R Allan 44,
K Warburton/ S List, B Philip/ B Taberer, C Benn/ M Ramsay, 43, M Turner/ D Somers,
G Mogridge/ F Millar, R Rehbein/ B Casey, P Wheatley/ S Bainbridge,
R Chambers/ P Nosworthy, P Harrison/ R Kruger. M Dillon/ G McCracken,
D Taylor/ D King, M Stables/ G Lewis, J Murphy/ P Marschall, G Evans/ G Campbell,
M Dwyer/ D O’Brien, Jeff Phillips/ B Rumsey, A Arnold/ I Bloom 41, R Edgar/ P Landon,
I White/ J Wallace 40 c/b

Eagle: Kelvin McIntosh 18th


Comp: Stableford

Winners: Div 1: Jan Thomas 42 Pts: Div 2: Judy Grills 36 Pts

2nd: Div 1: Pam Roberts 38 Pts: Div 2: Carol Turner 34 Pts:

3rd: Div 1: Babs Beh 36 Pts: Div 2: Joy Faithfull 34 Pts

Rundown: K Nicholls 35, L Stephens 34, R Edgar, J Serra 33, A Donovan, B Gatley,
G Collins, A Jackson 32, C Christensen, M Zande, R Warren, J Marrinan, S Spaar 31,
I Tiernan 30, J Lenthall, K Nosworthy 29

Sunday’s Results

Date : 14th March


Sunday 29th March 2021 86 Players

Bargara Ladies Bowl (Gross): Won By: Hervey Bay 249:
Team of: Trudie Petrie, Kath Griffith, Wendy Taylor, Maryrose Ridsdale

Bargara Ladies Shield (Nett): Won By: Bargara 218:
Team of: Bec Ulcoq, Julie Brown, Leanne Spruce, Elaine Archibald

18 Hole Gross: A Gr: Trudi Petrie (H/B) 71: B Gr: Kaye Nicholls (Bar) 95

18 Hole Nett: A Gr: Kelly Garland (M/B) 68: B Gr: Jenice Caflisch (Bar) 77

18 Hole Gross R/Up: Aimee Harvey (BB) 80: B Gr: Jan Thomas (Bar) 95

18 Hole Nett R/Up: Kath Scotney (BB) 71: B Gr: Margaret King (Bar) 77

C Gr: 18 Hole Stableford: Bec Ulcoq (Bar) 37 Pts; 2nd: Elaine Archibald 34 c/b

3rd: Shirley Leacy (Bar) 34: 4th Kathy Nosworthy (Bar) 33

2021 Bargara Juniors

Sunday 7th March


21st February 2021

Comp: Stroke:

Winners: Div 1A- 18 Holes: Nett:  Coben Simpson 73: Gross: Josh Taylor 88:

Div 1B: 13 Holes: Nett: Henri Clegg 50: Gross: Zander White 79:

Div 2 – 9 Holes: Nett: Bailey Pain 35: Gross: Jack Bigg 72:

Div 3A: 6 Holes Red: Nett: Cooper Pain 17: Gross: William Pohlner 53:

6 Holes: 150m: Nett: Sam Marland 12: Gross: Marnie Griffin: 32:

Div 3C- 3 Holes: Kate Johnson 10

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