Competition Results

Competition Results, including ball rundowns, pin and approach shots will appear here as soon as they become available. Our aim will be to have the results displayed within 48 hours maximum of the competition closing and hopefully sooner.

Monday’s Results

Date: 12th March

Winner: Peter Drummond 25 c/b; 2nd: Brian Sheehan 25 c/b, Ivan Robinson 25 c/b

Scores: John Kluck 26, Judy Van Der Walt 27, Russ Macaulay, Russell Fisher, John Mathews 28, Ken Evans 30 c/b

Next Comp: Mon Mar 19 Holes 10 to 18

Tuesday’s Veteran’s Results

Date : 13th  March

Comp: 2 Person Ambrose

Special Mention: Graeme Stephens – Hole in One 5th – Congratulations

Ladies: Carol Green/ Christine Tholstrup 70 ¾: R/Up: Elaine Kerr/ Janet Beer 73 ¾

Mixed: Don & Janine Smith 64 ¾: R/Up: Robert & Kay Craig 65 ¼

Men: Wally Waugh/ David Dangerfield 61 ½:
R/Up: Mark Smith/ Wayne McNee 63 ¼

Rundown: G Irwin/ T Bradbury 64 ¼, R Savidge/ G Hay,
D Bowman/J Phillips 65 ¼, C & S Wake, B Durnford/ L Lipscombe 65 ¾,
G Hatcher/ L Burton 66 ½, G & K Gallagher, J McFarlane/ M Reed,
G Bland/ D Jones 66 ¾, A & L Worrall 67

Next Comp: Tues 20th: Stableford 2nd Rd BargMary Shield Shot Gun Start 8:30am

Wednesday Sporters Results

Date: 7th March

Comp: Sporters

12 Hole Winner: Mark Limb 42; R/Up: Russell Parker 43

1st Six: Ron Wagner 19 ½: R/Up: Russ Macaulay 19 ½

2nd Six: Bruce Tree 21: R/Up: Damian Dime all 22

Gross: Les Kuorikoski 53: Birdies: Les Kuorikoski 3; Putts: Stewart Flanagan 16

Pinshot: Rob Brown 8.15, Phil Curd, Trevor Johnson, Michael Anderson

Approach: Jon Limpus 1.57, Les Kuorikoski, Mark Limb, Rod Kleinschmidt

12 Hole Winner: Damian Mullins 35: R/Up: Tony Spruce 39

1st Six: Rod Kleinschmidt 16: R/Up: Robert Edgar 17

2nd Six: Greg McLeod 21: R/Up: Jon Limpus 22

Gross: Steve Hartley 48: Birdies: Jeremy Gorrie 3: Putts: Matt Janke 15

Pinshot: Matt Janke 3.45, Robert Edgar

Approach: Les Kuorikoski .43, George Moar, Greg McLeod 1.76

Thursday’s Results

Date : 15th March


Comp: Stableford

Winners: Div 1: George Sillars 45 Pts: R/Up: Bob Philip 41 Pts
Div 2: Kevin O’Shannessy 42 Pts: R/Up: Max Martin 40 Pts

Rundown: , M Ramsay, J Phillips, J Antrobus 40, D Bowman, B Tree, R Macaulay 39, R Kruger, A Worrall, R Fisher, B McLucas, L Dederer, C Hale 38, D Robinson, R Royle, K Drady, N Rasmussen 37

Approach No 8: L Dederer 1.36, J Antrobus, G Bland, D Robinson, D Berger 3.70

Approach No 13: D Robinson .13, B Tree, C Baldwin, M Reed, G Wharley 1.61

Pro’s Pin No 5: A Kerr 2.94, A Worrall, C Wake, M Martin, M Randall, J Antrobus,
E Adams 7.90

Pro’s Pin No 14: E Adams 3.21, N Royan, D Berger, L Lipscombe, B Philip,
M Ramsay, G Sillars 5.60


Comp: Stableford

Winners: Div 1: Jo Oxer 37 Pts; Div 2: Jan Fisher 42 Pts

Rundown: W Ricketts 37, M Wharley, D Collins 35, J Thomas 35, M Taylor 34,
J Brown, J Beer, C Carter, D Day (CC), V Manning 33

Approach No 3: D Day .20, B Brabon, J Thomas, J Oxer 1.06

Pro’s Approach No 5: D Day .33, J Johnson, W Ricketts, M Taylor, M Wharley 4.37

Pro’s Pinshot No 14: J Oxer 3.74, M King 7.40

Friday’s Chicken Run Results

Date: 16th March

Comp: Chicken Run

Women: Penny Kent 18, Margaret Harris 13 c/b

Men: John Gardiner, Ray Harbert, Jack Dempsey 22, Brian Hart, Laurie Cremin,
Paul Casey, Steve Larsen 21

Next Comp: Fri 23rd: Holes 10 to 18

Saturday’s Results

Date : 17th March


Comp: Stroke Monthly Medal

Winners: A Gr: Iain Sinclair 70 c/b; B1 Gr: John Antrobus 67; B2 Gr: Ern Nankivell 69: C Gr: Mark Osborn 67

Gross: A Gr: Mike Randall 72: B1: Conan Moras 78; B2: Ern Nankivell 86;
C Gr: Steve Larsen 93

Eagle 13th: Mark Osborn

Rundown: C Moras 67, M Randall, G McLeod, S Larsen, J Paul, R Cross,
A Bainbridge, B Coleman, C Wake 70, I Harvey, M Ramsay, B Philip, G Klinstrom, J Sajko, W Jennings, Bruce Rogers, H Kunz, G Bland, K Drady, J Murphy 71

Pinshot No 5: D Taylor 1.97, A Scherer, L Kuorikoski, D Robinson, I Johnson,
B Wyatt, K Williams 8.88

Approach No 10: I Sinclair 2.74, L Williams, D Robinson, M Turner, M Lister,
S Moras, G McLeod 4.21

Pro’s Pin No 3: S Merritt (B/Is) 2.14, G Ezzy, M Anderson, B Tree, B Sheehan,
G Cooper, M Randall, J Murphy, R Edgar, C Baldwin, S Shield 6.98

Pro’s Pin No 14: P Stephenson 1.61, C Moras, B McLucas, M Randall, P Wheatley, A Forster, J Paul, P Marschall, I Sinclair, I Burton, S Martell 8.50

Next Comp: Thurs Mar 22nd: 4BBB Stableford; Sat 24th: Stableford


Comp: Stroke

Winners: Div 1: Joan Milton 67: Div 2: Robyn Edgar 67

Rundown: V Bazley 70, C Redshaw, K McDonnell 73, M Zande. M Taylor 74,
M King, R Robinson, G Collins, J McLaughlan, R Lay75 c/b

Approach No 3: K Marxsen (In Hole), S Wake, R Lay, C Redshaw .68

Pro’s Approach No 5: M Marsden .40, R Robinson, J Milton, K Nelson 2.14

Pro’s Pin No 14: K Nelson 7.88, M King, K Marxsen 8.50

Next Comp: Thurs Mar 22: 4BBB Stableford; Sat Mar24: Stableford

Sunday’s Bargara Carnival Results (Juniors)

Date : 18th March

GA Boys:
Div 1 Gross (0-15): Gross: Will Martell (Bar) 69: Nett: Swaine Whiting (BB) 70
Gross R/Up: Cameron McFarlane (BB) 72: Nett R/Up: Jack Wooldridge (BB) 71

Div 2 Gross (16-36): Gross: Tyler de Been (Bar) 83: Nett: Jhye de Been (Bar) 69
Gross R/Up: Brad Perkins (Kep) 93 c/b: Nett R/Up: Braiden Taylor (H/B) 72

GA Girls:
Gross: Aimee Harvey (BB) 78: Nett: Jordan Ulcoq (Bar) 71
Gross R/Up: Isabella Artcheua (BB) 81: Nett: Sophie Martell (P/W) 73

13 Hole Boys & Girls (H/Caps 0-23):
Gross: Oscar McBean (Glad) 75; Nett: Ally Samways (BB) 49 c/b:
Gross R/Up: Chase Rendell (H/B) 80 c/b: Nett R/Up: Travis Taylor (H/B) 49

9 Hole Boys & Girls (H/Caps 24-36):
Gross: Anthony Stockill (BB) 55: Nett: Daniel Holiday (H/B) 30
Gross R/Up: Tanika Mason (BB) 70 c/b: Nett R/Up: George Hill (BB) 37

6 Hole Boys – 150 mtrs:
Gross: Joel Brack (Bar) 30: Nett: Zander Setiawan (Glad) 10
Gross R/Up: Joshua Kelly (Bar) 33: Nett R/Up: Finn McDonald (H/B) 17 c/b

6 Hole Girls – 150 mtrs: Gross: Sophie Ogden (Bar) 28: Nett: Maya Panch (Bar) 17
Gross R/Up: Natalie Moffat (H/B) 38: Nett R/Up: Claudia Elder (Bar) 19
Pinshots & Approaches:
Boys: GA Boys: Pinshot 5th: Will Martell 4.00: Approach 13th: Swaine Whiting .33; 13 Hole Boys Approach 5th: Travis Taylor (HB) 1.82: 9 Hole Approach 3rd: Daniel Holiday (HB) 7.1: 6 Hole Approach 3rd: Cayde Lister (Bar) 1.25

Girls:: GA Girls Pinshot 3rd::Aimee Harvey (BB) 4.32: Approach 13th: -: 13 Hole Girls Approach: 5th: Ally Samways (BB) 8.65: 9 Hole Girls Approach 3rd: – ; 6 Hole Girls Approach 3rd: Sophie Ogden (Bar) .57

6 Holers Putting Comp: Winners: Boys: Ryan Jarrick 8: Girls: Sophie Ogden 11

Special Events Results

Event : Presidents Day Mixed 4BBB Stableford: Overflow Men – Stableford

Date : 11th February

Comp: Mixed Winners: Ross & Wendy Sturwohld 47 Pts: R/Up: Mal & Amanda Elder 45 c/b; 2nd R/Up: Russell & Jan Fisher 45 c/b

Overflow: Jared Paul 32 Pts:     Hole In One: Jan Fisher 14th: Congratulations

Rundown: W Jennings/ J Milton, B & D Hunt, Ben/ Bec Ulcoq 45,
M Bauer/ E Bauer, I White/ V Bazley 44, M Osborn/ L Burton, J & E Archibald 43

Pin Shot 5th: Men: B Ulcoq 3.53, O May, I White 3.96

Mens Approach 13th: M Bauer .68, M Grice, D McKewen 1.89

Ladies Approach 13th: W Sturwohld .04, J Milton .38: Approach 3rd: A O’Connell 1.35, L Burton 1.80

Pro’s Pinshot 3rd: Men: B Ulcoq 8.39, R Sturwohld, D Robinson, J Archibald 17.74

Pro’s Approach 5th: Ladies: K Marxsen .06, A O’Connell. E Archibald, R Marxsen .96

Pro’s Pin Shot 14th: Men: D Robinson .79, R Sturwohld, M Curd, G Evans 4.53

Pro’s Pin Shot 14th: Ladies: J Fisher (Hole in One), P Kent, L Burton, P McKewen 4.45

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