Competition Results

Competition Results, including ball rundowns, pin and approach shots will appear here as soon as they become available. Our aim will be to have the results displayed within 24 hours maximum of the competition closing and hopefully sooner.

Monday’s Results

Date: 18th June

Winners: Val Edwards 29: 2nd: Allan Parnell 33 c/b: 3rd: Ivan Robertson 33

Other Scores: Graham Evans 34, Pam Blair, Mike Dillon 35, John Kluck 36

Next Comp: Mon 25th: Holes 10 to 18

Tuesday’s Veteran’s Results

Date : 19th June

Ladies: Div 1: Fran Taylor 35 Pts: R/Up: Julie Brown 34 Pts
Div 2: Kristine Davern 40 Pts: R/Up: Colleen Atherton 36 Pts
Div 3: Margaret King 39 Pts: R/Up: Allison Jackson 38 Pts c/b

Rundown: M May 38, J Johnson 37, P McKewen 34, J Wilkinson, J Serra, R Warren, J Smith 33

Approach No 3 : Div 1: J Williams .88: Div 2: P Kent 2.31
Approach No 13 : Div 1: D Collins .81; Div 2: K Davern 4.51
Pro’s Approach No 5: W Sturwohld .71, G Collins, E Kerr, L Stephens, K Davern 2.76
Pro’s Pinshot No 14: K McDonnell 2.85, W Sturwohld, L Worrall, L Stephens, K Glynn 6.85

Men: Div 1: Des Ryan 42 Pts: R/Up: John Antrobus 37 Pts:
Div 2: Mark Smith 38 Pts: R/Up: Michael Anderson 36 Pts:
Div 3: Wally Waugh 37 Pts c/b: R/Up: Bill Taylor 37 Pts:
Div 4: Allan Mansfield 40 Pts: R/Up: Allan Carter 37 Pts

Rundown: M Rubie, I Smallwood 37, A Kerr, D Dangerfield, F Millar, R Lerch, A Worrall, T Gatley, G Hatcher, D Bowman 36

Pinshot No 3 Div 1: G Gallagher 8.83: Div 2: A Kerr 12.74
Approach No 13: Div 1: D Robertson (Vis): Div 2: L Swadling (Vis) 4.87
Pro’s Pin No 5: K Healy (Vis) 3.35, J Antrobus, S Beyer, F Millar, D Somers, G Anderson (Vis), A Kerr 11.53
Pro’s Pin No 14: Pat Cuskelly 2.45, D Ryan, B Glynn, P O’Neill

Next Comp: Tues 26th: Stroke Monthly Medal Sponsored by Carlyle Gardens Retirement Village

Wednesday’s Sporters Results

Date: 30th May

12 Hole Winner; Ron Wagner 41: R/Up: Trevor Johnson 43

1st Six: Max Culic 19: R/Up: Mick Dwyer 20 ½
2nd Six: Russ Macaulay 21 ½: R/Up: Mike Moreny 22

Gross: Jordan Curd 49: Birdies: Les Kuorikoski 3: Putts: Noel Ash 18
Pinshot: Max Culic 3.22, Mark Grice, Stewart Flanagan, Rod Kleinschmidt
Approach: Les Kuorikoski 2.15, Rob Brown, Richie Rosolen

Thursday’s Results

Date : 14th June


Comp: Stableford

Winners: Div 1: Jared Paul 42 Pts: R/Up: Dave Robinson 41 Pts Div 2: Les Muller 41 Pts c/b: R/Up: Anthony Dunphy 41 Pts

Rundown: T Gatley, R Macaulay 40, D Dangerfield, B Nicholls, G Campbell 39,K Whan, C Wake, K Williams, David Robertson (Vis) 38, P O’Neill, M Smith, G Evans, G Sillars, G Bland, F Millar 37, J Archibald, D O’Keefe, M Ramsay, R Lerch, S Patterson (Vis), J Phillips 36, G Ezzy 35 c/b

Approach No 8: D Banks .75, D Robertson (Vis), J Phillips, D Dangerfield, K Cherry, D Ryan 2.44
Approach No 13: J Paul 1.08, M Rubie, G Craig, G Sillars, J Archibald, B Weber 3.71

Pro’s Pin No 5: R Toovey 1.08, B Tree, K Drady, J Phillips, R Paul, M Ramsay 5.79
Pro’s Pin No 14: R Rehbein 2.13, R Lerch, K Cherry, M Dwyer, D King, D Robinson 4.82


Comp: Stableford

Winners: Div 1: Shirley Flanagan 35 Pts: Div 2: Colleen Atherton 40 Pts: Div 3: Allison Jackson 39 Pts

Rundown: J Beer, S Connell 39, J Racine 37, B Charters 36, E Kerr 35, A Tonkin, J Smith 34, R Edgar, R Warren, J Wilkinson 33, J Serra, A Johnson, B Studholme, J Brown 32 S Dawson, J Williams 30

Approach No 3: L Mathews 1.46, W Sturwohld, J Serra, S Flanagan 3.67
Pro’s Approach No 5: A Johnson (In Hole), J Smith, J Brown, E Kerr 3.56
Pro’s Pinshot No 14: J Smith 2.88, D Mahlstedt, R Warren, M Zande 6.20

Friday’s Chicken Run Results

Date: 15th June

Women: Kristine Davern, Julie Wilson, Pauline Wilson 14 c/b

Men: Lawrie Cremin 26, Dennis Sussens 24, Mick McCabe 23, Don McKewen, Perry Black 20, Robin Lerch, Warren Bugg 19 c/b

Next Comp: Fri 22nd: Holes 1 to 9

Saturday’s Results (Inc. Ladies Open And Closed 2 Days)

Date : 16th June


Comp: Stableford

Winner: Ashley Klinstrom 45 Pts: R/Up: Kelvin McIntosh 42 Pts c/b

Rundown: S Martell 42, R McNeilly 41, G Lewis 40, C Wake, N Curd 39, P Ryan, T Green (Vis), P Wheatley 38, P Medwin, H Kunz, M Anderson, I Harvey 37, M Feltham (Vis), M Paul, G Sillars 36, Ben Warren 35 c/b

Pinshot No 5: I White 2.13, L Butler, G Lewis, P Wheatley, K McIntosh 6.15
Approach No 10: P Medwin 1.43, R Stratton, R Paul, N Curd, T Green 6.30
Pro’s Pin No 3: T Green 1.23, A Bainbridge, P Medwin, R McNeilly 6.19
Pro’s Pin No 14: D Caflisch 7.78, D Robinson, S Merritt, S Martell, J Dugdell, A Klinstrom 12.59

Next Comp: Thurs 21st: Stableford; Sat 23rd: Stroke



RESULTS – 16th & 17th JUNE 2018

36 Open & Closed A Gr Champion: Kate McFarlane (BB) 148
36 Closed Gross A Gr Champion: Isabella Artcheua (BB) 152 c/b
36 B Gr Champion: Carolyn Mason (Bar) 192
36 C Gr Stableford Champion: Allison Jackson (Bar) 80 Pts

36 Gross R/Up: A Gr: Kate Law (M/B) 152
36 Gross R/Up: B Gr: Kim Groves (BB) 195
36 Stableford R/Up: C Gr: Kay Dodds (C/Cove) 74

36 Hole 2nd Gross R/Up A Gr: Aimee Harvey (BB) 159 (BB) 159
36 Hole 2nd Gross R/Up: B Gr: Dawn Clements (Bar) 198

36 Hole Nett A Gr: Marian Hemsley (BB) 144
36 Hole Nett R/Up A Gr: Raelee Marxsen (Bar) 145
36 Hole Nett 2nd R/Up A Gr: Jan Thomas (Bar) 146
36 Hole Nett B Gr: Christine Bloem (Bar) 148
36 Hole Nett R/Up: B Gr: Del Hartfiel (Bar) 154 c/b
36 Hole Nett 2nd R/Up B Gr: Kathy McDonnell (Bar) 154
36 Stableford 3rd Place: C Gr: Annie Anderson (H/B) 70 Pts
36 Stableford 4th Place: C Gr: Elaine Archibald (Bar) 68


Gross: A Gr: Jill Milburn (M/B) 82 c/b
Gross R/Up A Gr: Kath Griffith (H/B) 82

Nett A Gr: Leone Burton (Bar) 72 c/b
Nett R/Up A Gr: Sonia Swanepoel (Glad) 72

Gross: B Gr: Katarina Ribgy (M/B) 101 c/b
Gross R/Up B Gr: Joy Plowright (Glad) 103

Nett B Gr: Sylvia Spaar (Bar) 101
Nett R/Up B Gr: Janet McLaughlan (Bar) 76

C Gr: Winner: Coralie Volgyesi (Is) 37 Pts
C Gr: Runner-up: Fiona Weeks (Bar) 33 Pts
C Gr: 3rd Place: Sallie Wake (Bar) 33 Pts
C Gr: 4th Place: Margaret King (Bar) 33 Pts


Gross: A Gr: Kasee Marxsen (Bar) 83
Gross R/Up A Gr: Joan Milton (Bar) 85

Nett A Gr: Averil Chalmers (B/B) 72 c/b
Nett R/Up A Gr: Julie Brown (Bar) 72

Gross B Gr: Aimee Garland (M/B) 95
Gross R/Up B Gr: Fran Taylor (Bar) 99

Nett B Gr: Beth Dummer (B/B) 74
Nett R/Up B Gr: Sam Pincham (M/B) 75

C Gr: Winner: Penny Kent (Bar) 37 Pts
C Gr: Runner-up: Madeline Bragg (Bar) 35 Pts
C Gr: 3rd Place: Marilyn Laherty (H/B) 34 Pts
C Gr: 4th Place: Penny Teiniker (B/B) 34 Pts

Pinshot & Approaches:

A Gr Approach 8th: 1st: S Swanepoel .65, 2nd: K Griffith .75
B Gr Approach 13th: 1st: M Mobbs 4.06, 2nd: K Groves 8.07
C Gr Approach 3rd: 1st: M King 2,90, 2nd: K Dodds 7.02
Pinshot 14th: 1st: A Harvey 4.20, 2nd: L Ison 6.85

A Gr Approach 8th: 1st: K McFarlane 1.60, 2nd: L Burton 6.74
B Gr Approach 13th: 1st: J Smith 14.46, 2nd: C Poppi 15.45
C Gr Approach 3rd: 1st:P Teiniker 2.17, 2nd: P Kent 2.96
Pinshot 14th: 1st: R Marxsen 2.77, 2nd: C Parsons 2.97

Sunday’s Results (Juniors)

Date : 3rd June

Comp: Stroke Monthly Medal

Div 1: Nett: Lachlan Ulcoq 74, Gross: Jordan Ulcoq 88, Putts: Jordan Ulcoq, Pinshot: Tyler de Been
Div 2: Nett: Joel Brack 37, Gross: Dean Campbell 67, Putts: Joshua Kelly 14, Approach: Joel Brack 5.88
Div 2B 6H Red Tee: Nett Sacha Panch 14, Gross R/Up: Henri Clegg 46:
Putts: Henri Clegg 11, Approach: Sacha Panch 1.5
Div 3 6H 150 Mtr: Nett: Angus Elder 24, Gross: Owen Taylor 51
Putts: William Pohlner 16, Approach: Angus Elder 1.00
Div 3 3H 150 Mtr: Nett: Archie Halford 10, Nett R/Up: Sonny Halford 19
Putts: Sonny Halford 9 c/b, Approach: Archie Halford

Special Events Results

Foursomes Championships 10th June

Men’s 27 Hole Foursomes Championships

27 Gross Champions: Blaike Perkins / Scott Perkins 112
27 Gross R/Up: Kev Cherry/ Mark Stables 115

27 Nett: Warren Jennings/ Greg Lewis 103
27 Nett R/Up: Andrew Scherer/ Ken Silcox 104

27 Hole Consolations: Ryan Paul/ Jarod Paul, John Archibald/ Ken Whan, Des Ryan/ Bob Nicholls, Mike Paul/ Chris Wake, John Bloem / Don McKewen, Neale Curd/ Errol Bauer 112 ¼

Club Approach 8th: B Perkins 1.20, R Paul, K McIntosh, B Wyatt, G Lewis, I Johnson 6.55

Pro’s Pin 5th: M Stables 2.58, J Paul, R Paul, M Paul, D McKewen, N Curd 11.82

Next Comp: Thurs 14th: Stableford: Sat 16th: Stableford am play only – GWB Mens District Championships at Bundaberg: Sun 17th: 2nd Rd GWB Men’s District Championships at Bundaberg

Ladies’ 27 Hole Foursomes Championships

27 Gross Champions: Michelle Marsden/ Kasee Marxsen 128 – Play off 1st Hole
27 Gross R/Up: Raelee Marxsen/ Joan Milton 128

27 Nett: Kathy Nelson/ Alison Curd 111
27 Nett R/Up: Marg Taylor / Del Hartfiel 112 ¼

Rundown: J Williams/ R Warren, L Burton/ E Archibald, W Sturwohld/ P McKewen, C Bloem/ B Fitzgerald, C Redshaw/ L Collins, J Smith/ A Johnson, J Thomas/ D Hunt, R Lay/ K Gallagher

Approach 13th: R Marxsen 3.34, R Savidge, P McKewen, G Ryan, J Williams 13.23

Pro’s Pin 14th: C Bloem 5.13, J Smith, E Archibald, L Spruce, K Marxsen, J Thomas, J Burton, K Gallagher, M Taylor 18.68

Next Comp: Thurs 14th: Stableford: Sat 16th: GWB Ladies District Championships:
Sun 17th: GWB Ladies District Championships – Shot Gun Start 9:30am

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