Competition Results

Competition Results, including ball rundowns, pin and approach shots will appear here as soon as they become available. Our aim will be to have the results displayed within 48 hours maximum of the competition closing and hopefully sooner.

Monday’s Results

Date: 25th Sept

Winner:  Brian Hart 26

Rundown: Jeff Phillips 28, John Mathews 30


Tuesday’s Results

Date : 3rd October


Div 1: Paul O’Neill 65; R/Up: John Antrobus 66; Div 2:  Ralph Tyrrell 64;
R/Up: Jeff Chapple 67; Div 3: Allan Kerr 68; R/Up: Dave Taylor 69

Rundown: S New 67, R Jackson 68, R Hunter, D Williamson 69, L Lipscombe,
A Cooper, B Morris 70, A Algie, B Glynn, D Dangerfield, T Lawson, D Gordon,
B Nicholls, K Atkins, G Craig 72

Pinshot No 3: Sponsored by RSL: Div 1:  J Antrobus 2.25:Div 2: Nil

Approach No 13: Sponsored by Wide Bay Burnett Pest Management:
Div 1: Des Ryan (n Hole) Eagle:  Div 2: Nil

Pro’s Pin No 5: D Dangerfield 2.10, T Lawson, B Nicholls, M McCabe, D Gordon 5.17

Pro’s Pin No 14:  L Lipscombe 2.76, A Kerr, B Glynn, D Taylor, L Cremin 6.70


Stroke 2nd Rd Club Championships

Ladies: 36 Gross: Div 1: Julie Brown 182; Div 2: Lois Lanyon 189;
Div 3: Elaine Kerr 212
36 Gross R/Up: Div 1: Julie Burton 183; Div 2: Sylvia Spaar 199;
Div 3: Brenda Lipscombe 220

Men: 36 Gross:  Div 1: Dave Robinson 163; Div 2: Gary Craig; 172:
Div 3: Jeff Chapple 182; Div 4: To be decided by playoff  –  Allan Kerr & Allan Algie 197
36 Gross R/Up: Div 1: Dave Gordon 164: Div 2: Paul O’Neill 176;
Div 3: Ross Hunter 189; Div 4: To be decided

Ladies 36 Nett: Debra West 155; Div 2: Carolyn Mason 146; Div 3: Kaye Nicholls 151

Men: 36 Nett: John Antrobus 141; Div 2: Rory Jackson 133; Div 3: Terry Lawson 143; Div 4: To be decided

Daily: Women: Div 1: Carolyn Mason 72; R/Up: Chris Algie 75;
Div 2:  Dawn Clements 69 c/b; R/Up: Sylvia Spaar 69
36 Nett R/Up: Kerry Gallagher 157; Div 2: Wendy McNamara 152;
Div 3: Pat Cuskelly 145

Rundown: J Johnson 75, K Nicholls, L Lanyon, E Kerr, J Brown, J Burton,
W McNamara 77

Approach No 3: Sponsored by RSL: Div 1: K+L Collins .94: Div 2: J Wilkinson .98

Approach No 13 Sponsored by Wide Bay Burnett Pest Management:
Div 1: J Brown .32; Div 2: K Glynn 1.01

Pro’s Approach No 5: P Kent .10, K McDonnell, L Collins, D West 2.57

Pro’s Pinshot No 14: L Lanyon 2.16, B Lipscombe, J Williams 10.21



Wednesday Sporters Results

Date: 4th October

Comp: Sporters

12 Hole Winner: Greg Weekes 38; R/Up: Graham Evans 40

1st Six: Dug Habermann 16 ½; R/Up: Greg McLeod 19 ½

2nd Six: Chris Blake 20; R/Up: Trevor Johnson 20 ½

Gross: Greg Weekes 53: Birdies: Michael Anderson 1: Putts: Greg Lewis 17

Pinshot: Greg Weekes 4.67, Rob Rehbein, Michael Anderson

Approach: Mark Kirchner 3.62, Rory Jackson, Michael Anderson, Russ Macaulay

Lucky Draw:  Gus Jones




Thursday’s Results

Date : 12th October


Comp: Stableford

Winner: Chris Algie 37 Pts

Rundown: B Lipscombe 36, C Atherton 34, J Grills 33, B Brabon, G Ryan 32

Approach No 3:  D Hartfiel 1.12: Pro’s Approach No 5: Lyn Head1.32

Pro’s Pinshot No 14: Carmel Brinkley8.00


Comp: Stableford

Winners: Div 1: Peter Johnson 41 Pts c/b; R/Up: Kevin Williams 41Pts
Div 2: Steve Kuorikoski 39 Pts; R/Up: Peter Wallis 38 Pts c/b

Rundown: R Macaulay, J McLaughlan 40, D Robinson 39, N Weir, J Phillips,
A Algie 38, D Somers, B Tatnell, J Sajko, M Kirchner 37, L Kuorikoski, B Durnford, Bruce Rogers, B Nicholls, R Lerch 36,  C Honor, I Johnson, I Smallwood 35 c/b

Approach No 8: G Evans 2.53, P Johnson, K Whan, G Weekes, G Bland, M Reed,
M Turner 4.90

Approach No 13: B McLucas .76, S Moras, P Johnson, G Sillars, K Williams,
D Robinson, Bruce Rogers, D McKean 3.30

Pro’s Pin No 5: P Johnson 2.68, L Kuorikoski, M Horswood, B Tryhorn,
Pat Cuskelly, D Robinson, M Kirchner 6.06

Pro’s Pin No 14: C Blake 1.91, J Sajko, B Tryhorn, D Gordon, M Reed, N Weir,
Pat Cuskelly, A Algie 7.40


Friday’s Chicken Run Results

Date: 13th October

Comp: Chicken Run

Women: Fran Andrews 18, Jan Fisher 16

Men: Russell Fisher, Pete Anderson 22, Jack Dempsey 21, Robin Lerch,
Dave Hunter, Lloyd Glass, Peter Drummond 19 c/b



Saturday’s Results

Date : 14th October


Comp: 4BBB Stableford – Green Keepers Revenge Day

Winners: Gary Le Bherz/ Darcy Berger 50 Pts c/b;
R/Up: Steve Kuorikoski / Greg Lewis 50 Pts

Rundown: J Phillips/ J Bloem 48, N Weir/ R Jackson, S List/ Bruce Rogers 46,
G Bland/ S Martell 45, G Mogridge/ F Millar, J Limpus/ S Traynor 44

Pinshot No 5: B Glynn .70, M Anderson, Bruce Rogers, M Kirchner, D McKean,
S Traynor 4.75

Approach No 10:  TBA

Pro’s Pin No 3: R Stratton .98, C Moras, D Pickup, D Berger, I Murden 7.41

Pro’s Pin No 14: D Williamson 2.23, P Wheatley, H Burden, W Jennings,
G Klinstrom, S Traynor 9.15


Comp: 4BBB Stableford

Winners: Michelle Marsden/ Val Bazley 43 Pts;

Rundown: Gayle Ryan/ Kaye Nicholls 34 Pts

Approach No 3: M Marsden .04

Pro’s Approach No 5: R Lay .25:  Pro’s Pin No 14: V Bazley 13.20

Sunday’s Results (Juniors)

Date : 17th  Sept

Comp: Stroke Monthly Medal

Div 1: Nett: Lachlan Ulcoq 73; Gross R/Up: Tyler de Been 94; Putts: Lachlan Ulcoq 32; Pinshot: Tyler de Been

Div 1B: Nett: Amara Burns 56; Gross R/Up: Vinuka de Silva 89;
Putts: Vinuka de Silva 25

Div 2: Nett: Dean Campbell 42; Putts: Dean Campbell

Div 3 6H: Nett: Beau Simpson 21; Gross: Anneliese Taylor 35;
Putts: Jackson Clements 16: Approach: Jackson Clements

Div 3 3H: Nett: Katelyn Taylor 21

Special Events Results

Event : PRO AM

Date : 22nd and 23rd Aug


Tuesday 22nd Aug:   Comp: Stableford

A Gr: Greg Gallagher 38 Pts: R/Up: Paul Jones 36 Pts c/b;

B Gr: Bill Rumsey 41 Pts: R/Up: Peter Marschall 37 Pts c/b

C Gr: Jeff Chapple 41 Pts: R/Up: Bill Taylor 38 Pts

Rundown: R Coles, D Jones, G Loveday, P Jago 37, S Penberthy, R Haug,

M Hyland, M Kirchner 36, P De Been, R Cross, S Beyer, R Chappell, B Wyatt,

P Wheatley, J Rach 35

Ladies Winner: Rhonda Jago 40 Pts; R/Up: Joan Milton 39 Pts

Rundown: R Le Bherz 36, K Gallagher, J Turner 34

Pin Shot 3rd:         Jamie Rach 3.25: Pin Shot 5th: Geoff Loveday 2.26;

Pin Shot 14th:  Scott Beyer

Wednesday 23rd Aug      Comp: Stableford 

A Gr: Blaike Marschall 41 Pts: R/Up: Ian Macaulay (Cap) 37 Pts c/b

B Gr: Des Ryan 40 c/b; R/Up: Stephen Shield 40 Pts

C Gr: Peter Jago 33 Pts c/b: R/Up: Allan Kerr 33 Pts

Rundown: B Wyatt 39, G Peat (I/Pk), K Kroger 38, P de Been, M Higham 37,

P Wheatley, R Austin 36, R Macaulay, R Coles (T/Wat), J Murphy, C Baker (Oxl),

P Rogers (K/V), C Daniel (BB), M Bauer, D Gordon 35

Ladies Winner: Pat McKewen 38 Pts: R/Up: Rhonda Jago 37 Pts

Rundown: R Robinson, L Lanyon, J Beer, E Bauer 33

Pin Shot 3rd: Greg Lewis 2.21: Pin Shot 5th: Blaike Marschall 1.38

Pin Shot 14th: Trevor Owens 2.80           Pat McKewen – Eagle 2nd


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